Warm manicure kit
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Contains 1 heater, 2 cups, 1 vitalcrème lotion 150 ml, 1 instruction sheet. Warranty on electrical equipment: 2 years.

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A professional manicure treatment for the hands and nails

The Peggy Sage warm manicure technique is a wonderfully relaxing way to repair nails. It is an effective treatment for the skin and particularly the area around the nail and the horny layer. From as early as the third consecutive treatment damaged nails will gradually regain their suppleness, strength, uniformity, shine and smoothness. This is the ideal treatment for split, brittle and soft nails. Furthermore, its excellent emollient properties will enable you to carry out a perfect manicure quickly, making it easier to work on the cuticles. Using Vitalcrème lotion, enriched with vitamins, this warm manicure rejuvenates the nails and renews the pleasure of having beautiful hands.

Instructions for use


• Start the treatment by switching on the warm manicure heater.

• Half-fill the cup with Vitalcrème lotion (ref. 146055).

• Prepare your work surface and disinfect your equipment with Cleanse hygienic spray (ref. 146010*).

• Do the same with your hands and your clients' hands, once they have been washed and are thoroughly clean.

• Cleanse the nails using mini-towels special nails (ref. 155410*) soaked in the acetone-free gentle nail lacquer remover (ref. 120111*). For perfect cleansing results, use a correction pencil (ref. 120115*).

• Start with the nails on one hand.

• File them using a fine or medium-grain rigid nail file. Never file in a to and fro movement as that weakens the nail.

• Remove any burr by holding the file flat and running it underneath the free edge of the nail.

• Using a multi-sided block, polish the surface of the nails to make them smooth and shiny.

• Remove dust with the Cleanse hygienic spray and then soak the finished hand in the warmVitalcrème.

• Move on to the other hand and follow the same steps of filing, removing burr and polishing.

• Put the other hand in to soak.

• Remove the first hand from the cup, still covered in Vitalcrème, and begin sculpting it.

• Use the pumice nail file (ref. 122220*) to push down the hangnails, or if this proves difficult use the electrical nail file with the pumice bit.

• If necessary add more Vitalcrème to avoid scratching the nail surface.

• Cut the hangnails.

• Clean the area around the nail with Cleanse hygienic spray.

• Repeat these same steps on the other hand.

• Clean the underside of the nails with a boxwood manicure stick.

• Degrease the nail using super oil remover (ref. 146014*)

• Apply base (ref. 121003*), hardener (ref. 121004*) or calcium gel (ref. 121037*) as required.

• Apply two coats of nail lacquer and then protective lacquer (ref. 120005*) and finish off with drying accelerator (ref. 121036*).

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Warm manicure kit
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