Set of 6 nail art brushes
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Achieve even better results when decorating nails.

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The shape of these Nail art brushes makes it possible to create and paint on all types of nail decorations however you like using both nail lacquer and coloured UV nail gels and to apply various Nail art accessories (such as nail glitter, etc.).

1- Angled liner: for creating precise patterns and very fine lines with lacquer or UV gel. It has an angled ferrule which makes it easy to paint precise and complex small designs and is also suitable for applying the smile line in a French manicure.

2- Striper: for painting very fine lines / used instead of the adhesive strip for nail decorations or to draw out designs.

3- Liner: used for painting very fine lines with lacquer or UV gel or for drawing a French manicure.

4- Oval gel brush: for applying French manicure gel or other gels to small nails. Can also be used for painting small rounded shapes such as flowers.

5- Gel brush: for applying all kinds of gel.

6- Fan brush: used for shading and lacquer backgrounds and for faint lines. Can also be used to dust fine residue off nails before applying Nail art.

Instructions for use


Choose the brush most suitable for the decorations that you want to create and then apply the different gels or lacquers using the Peggy Sage method.

Work lightly; the bristles should not be pressed hard into the gel.

Clean with acetone-free gentle nail lacquer remover.

Do not leave in front of a UV lamp when switched on.

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Set of 6 nail art brushes
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