Paraffine wax heater
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Ergonomic and compact. 2-setting thermostat - high for quick paraffin wax melting and low for maintaining a constant temperature. With indicator light and daily timer. 220V. Max. capacity: 3,5 L. Warranty on electrical equipment: 2 years.

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The paraffin wax heater is an electric heater that melts the paraffin wax and keeps it at the temperature required for use.

Hot paraffin wax is used for its softening properties and ability to increase blood flow. A paraffin wax treatment, which leaves the skin on the hands and feet feeling extremely soft, is therefore recommended for dry and/or damaged skin (gardening, use of products containing high levels of detergents, etc.).

The heat inside the paraffin wax glove also ensures better penetration of the active ingredients applied beforehand and a high degree of self-moisturizing. It is included before a sculpting massage: after the treatment you will soon notice that your skin is bright and cool. Fine lines will disappear.

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Paraffine wax heater
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