Are you an aesthetics professional?

Would you like to order Peggy Sage products on line?

You can now! Just go to the professional area to create your web customer account.

Please allow a maximum of 48 working hours for us to verify and approve your account after we have received the relevant documents.

You will then receive an email telling you that you can order Peggy Sage products on line at professional prices.

What can you do in the meantime?

You can nevertheless place an order while your account is being validated. But please note that until your account is validated, you can only order products at non-professional prices, inclusive of tax.

If you prefer to wait for your account to be validated to take advantage of the best rates, you will have the possibility of adding the products you are interested in to your wish list on your dashboard. Once the account is validated, one click is all you need to add your wish list to the basket!

Are you a professional customer at one of our Peggy Sage boutiques?

There's not a second to lose! In the "my account" tab, choose your dedicated form. That way, you won't have to send your credentials again.