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Gift idea

Gift idea

An original Christmas gift idea – treat yourself or someone else!

These crackers are just the job for a fun, festive Christmas dinner, brightening up the table and surprising your guests. And with their unique packaging, they can just as easily be hung on the tree or slipped into a Christmas stocking.

Cracker (ref. 120396)

Turn each end of the cracker to get to the products inside.

- Facial radiance mask: apply this fabric mask to clean skin. Leave to work for 15 minutes. Rub in the excess serum. No need to rinse.
- Eye patches: place a patch just underneath each eye, leave it to work for 15 minutes and then remove. No need to rinse.
Cracker (ref. 120393)

Turn each end of the cracker to get to the products inside.

- Hand cream: rub into your hands whenever you feel the need.

- Hand mask: ensure your hands are clean and dry before slipping on the gloves. Fold down and attach the tabs around your wrists to hold the gloves in place. Detach the fingertips if required. Leave them to work for 20 minutes. Pull off the gloves and rub your hands gently. No need to rinse.

A mini box set of matte lipsticks for Christmas?

Try this limited-edition set of Peggy Sage’s 8 bestselling matte lipsticks in a mini version! With this go-anywhere set, you can change your look in the blink of an eye!

Looking for an original Christmas gift?

This Peggy Sage Christmas star containing 5 mini nail lacquers and a pot of nail glitter is a great combination of fab gift idea and trendy Christmas decoration. You’ll love these 5 mini nail lacquers in magical colours!

And to help you look amazing right to your fingertips, choose one of our nail art brushes featuring sparkling designs for all your creations.

Love our semi-permanent nail lacquers?

Don’t miss this great opportunity! An ultra-modern and extremely hardwearing lamp you can use anywhere