Pinceaux Nylon Christmas 2018

Looking for the perfect brush? You’re sure to find it in our Nylon brush collection!

Collection Pailletée Christmas 2018

Want to sparkle for Christmas? Try the Glitter collection!

Stay Matte Autumn 2018

Our Stay Matte collection of liquid lipsticks gives you intensely matte, colourful lips that won't dry out.

Crayons Jumbo

Choose generous, autumnal colours to beautify your gaze with a Jumbo eyeliner pencil.

Boho-Chic Autumn 2018

Want to be on trend this autumn? Simply try the Boho-Chic Autumn 2018 collection.

Fond de teint SkinBliss

Enjoy a smudge-free hold that lasts all day and a velvety finish with the new Skin Bliss foundation colours for darker complexions.

Fond de teint fluide

For natural-looking results, go for fluid foundation. Check out our range for darker complexions now!

Fond de teint mat

Hide your imperfections and say goodbye to shiny skin with our new mat foundation colours for darker complexions. 

Luminouskin foundation

The ultra-covering Luminouskin range with its melt-in texture guarantees an absolutely perfect, smudge-free complexion all day long.

Rouge à lèvres ultra-mat Lipstick

For a long hold and a totally matte finish, you'll love the new ultra-matte lipstick colours in the Summer 2018 collection. These pinks and reds will pep up the colour of your lips during the long summer days.

Poudres à lèvres Pompon