Hello Spring

Pour célébrer le printemps Peggy Sage lance sa collection « hello Spring » aux couleurs vibrantes et lumineuses. 2 produits achetés = 1 porte clé offert !

Fall season

Fall Season is our stunning new collection of mellow autumn colours.

Stay matte

Peggy Sage presents its collection of 6 Stay Matte liquid lipsticks for a highly pigmented and velvety finish.

Ultra-matte nude lipsticks

Check out our 6 new colours of ultra-matte nude lipsticks The easy way to stylish results!

Long-wear lipliner pencils

Check out our new ultra-long-wear lipliner pencils.

A new pigment-rich covering formula with a more opaque, creamy texture.

Luminouskin foundation

Check out our new range of Luminouskin skin perfector foundations

An ultra-covering foundation with a melt-in texture that guarantees you an absolutely perfect, smudge-free complexion all day long.

Vinyl eyeliners

Check out our smudge-free vinyl eyeliners in colours that are opaque, plain and mellow all at the same time!

Poudres à lèvres Pompon

Milky Shine Lip Gloss

Rouge à lèvres ultra-mat Lipstick