Diamond-coated pedicure tool L
SKU 143210

Professional heat-reducing bit. Coarse grit. For treating rough skin and dead skin. Can be used on both wet and dry skin.

Stem diameter : 2,35mm=3/32

€79.90 Incl. Tax


Both effective and completely safe. Does not get hot.

Made in Germany by Busch.

Top-of-the-range precision tools of excellence.

Instructions for use


Use this tool to remove corns and calluses: choose the large coarse-grit diamond-coated tool for removing rough skin and small calluses and thinning the nail. The small very coarse-grit diamond-coated tool is best for treating severe calluses (very hard masses of dead skin).

Suitable for all Peggy Sage electric nail files.

To attach these tools to your Peggy Sage electric nail file see the file instruction manual.

Maximum rpm for 143210: 20,000 rpm


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Diamond-coated pedicure tool L
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