Decorative nail stickers - argent
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The striping tape allows you to create separations and lines to design a wide variety of nail art creations. Adhesive, it can be set on the nail easily.

Length: about 15m.50.

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Looking for an easy way to give your nails an impeccable, unique and original look? With Peggy Sage decorative nail stickers you can beautify your nails to suit your mood and for any occasion.

Instructions for use


Apply one layer of nail lacquer or transparent base Peggy Sage and let it dry. Put the decorative sticker on the nail thanks to tweezers. For a better result, apply 2 layers of Peggy Sage top coat.

Pro tip: do not cut the tape short and have it go below the nail so it is better adjusted and does not come off too quickly

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Decorative nail stickers - argent
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