Curved x 50
x 50 — SKU 142412

Wide gluing strip. Restore the nails' natural curve. Suitable for bitten nails.

10 sizes

x 50 assorted tips - 5 of each size

€5.80 Incl. Tax


Various models are available to suit every nail shape. Each box contains 250 tips arranged by decreasing size. They can be easily identified by the number on the underside of the tip. Packs of 50, 100 and 500 tips are also available. The tips are all long to start with so that they are easy to apply.

Instructions for use


Choose a tip that is the right width for the natural nail (please note: the natural nail must be long enough). Apply glue to the gluing strip and apply the tip using the Peggy Sage method.

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Curved x 50
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