chrome effect holo Pigments
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Create stunning mirror effects on your own and your clients' nails!

First, apply a coloured UV gel or semi-permanent nail lacquer (we recommend black for a particularly intense chrome effect), then catalyze and degrease. Next, sprinkle the pigments onto the nail surface and rub them in vigorously with a foam make-up applicator. Finally, apply your finish and catalyze.

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Create a futuristic metallic mirror effect on your nails

Instructions for use


Protect your cuticles with peel-off cuticle protector base.

Suitable for application on coloured gels (preferably black) and I-LAK. Apply chrome-effect sealer 146685 with no sticky residue and catalyze. Take up small quantities of pigment with a cuticle pusher for example, place them on the nail surface and rub evenly onto the nail with a make-up applicator or your finger (wearing a nitrile glove). Catalyze. Finish off with a coat of sealer 146685 followed by your usual gel 3.1 or I-LAK finish.

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chrome effect holo Pigments
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