L'été, la chaleur et les beaux jours arrivent ! Et pour chouchoutez votre peau, Peggy Sage vous a concocté des produits solaires adaptés.

Hand Spa

Revel in a moment of intense pleasure with the HAND SPA range, full of all the goodness of cherry blossom and sea lavender.

Foot Spa

Delicately perfumed with citrus fruits, the FOOT SPA range treats you to a unique moment of relaxation.

Lagoon island

Lie back and relax. Lagoon island will whisk you away on a journey to the edge of your senses in a moment of complete well-being for both body and mind.

Fleur d'orient

An invitation to partake in the rituals of beauty... Share all the secrets of oriental women with the Fleur d'orient range.

Plaisir des sens

To make the shower a true moment of sensuous pleasure to savour.