Warm manicure kit
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Contains 1 heater, 2 cups, 1 vitalcrème lotion 150 ml, 1 instruction sheet. Warranty on electrical equipment: 2 years.

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A complete set for warm manicure under the best comfort conditions for you and your client. The heater’s lines have been designed to better suit the hand’s ergonomic and improve the well-being during the treatment.

Instructions for use


Fill the removable cup with Vitalcrème lotion and place it into the heater.

Switch it on to warm the lotion (about 20 minutes).

Cleanse the hands, then the nails.

Correct their length then remove any burr by running the file flat underneath the free edge of the nail. Polish the surface of the nails to remove their dull veil and to stimulate blood circulation.

Remove residual dust with the cleanse spray.

Put the hand to soak in the heater filled with vitalcrème.

Do the same with the other hand and begin sculpting the first hand.

Work then with the electric nail file and its nail surface manicure bit to push down the hangnails.

Use the pumice stone and finish the hangnails’ work.

Apply then the cuticle oil on the area around the nail by gently massaging in circular motions. Do the same with the other hand.

Degrease the nail with super oil remover using mini towels for more convenience. Clean the free edge of the nail thanks to a manicure stick wrapped with cotton soak in hydrogen peroxide to bleach it.

Apply a transparent base then 2 layers of nail lacquer and finish off with protective lacquer to improve the strength and glance of your nail lacquer and then with drying accelerator.

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Warm manicure kit
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