/ Two-in-one wax cartridge heater + 800 ml-pot wax heater

Two-in-one wax cartridge heater + 800 ml-pot wax heater
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A professional kit that combines two cartridge heaters and one 800ml-pot wax heater for heating the fat-soluble warm depilatory waxes either simultaneously or separately.

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The device has two power switches to enable the cartridge heaters and pot wax heater to be used independently.

The different waxes are kept at the correct temperature throughout the depilation treatment and can be used alternately.

This makes depilation simple and effective, regardless of the areas being depilated.

Wax not included.

Technical specifications

Power supply voltage: 220 - 230 V 50 Hz

Power output: 150 W

Weight: 1.43 kg

Dimensions: 280 x 210 x 165 mm

Electrical equipment warranty: 1 year.

Instructions for use


Using the cartridge heaters

Insert the wax cartridges into the roll-on holders and place the holders together on the base.

Plug in the heater and then turn on the power switch.

Heat the wax until the heat-sensitive ring changes colour.

It will take approximately 25-30 minutes for the wax to reach the ideal application temperature.

Using the wax heater

Plug in the heater.

Insert a suitable pot into the receptacle, ensuring it fits loosely and touches the bottom; do not force the pot into place.

Turn on the illuminated power switch.

Using the thermostat settings from 0 to 10, set the heater to the temperature at which you wish to maintain the depilatory wax in the pot.

To remove the pot from the receptacle, use the tongs provided.

Once the heater has been switched on, do not touch the metal parts of the pot receptacle until the heater has cooled to ambient temperature.

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Two-in-one wax cartridge heater + 800 ml-pot wax heater
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