Posted on March 2, 2016

Eyeliner: line up for the perfect look!

Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz... They all went for the liner look! Eyeliner has been a firm favourite for decades, suiting any style and creating an enticingly feline look. But a feline look that is difficult to tame! Because as far as you're concerned, using eyeliner is a struggle! In front of the mirror, your eyeliner never goes where it is supposed to go to produce the effect you want! For a classic application (including an extended comma on the outside of your eye), without the heart ache, follow our technique for creating an even, straight and impeccably neat line. 

Step 1

Carefully does it! Are your feet firmly on the floor and is your elbow resting on the table to stop your hand shaking...? You're good to go! Start by drawing a line of cream eyeliner along the line of the lashes on your upper eyelid with an oblique brush (although used by professionals, this type of eyeliner is perfectly suited to beginners, enabling you to apply just the right amount of eyeliner, stay in control and reduce the risk of a slip). Position the tapered end of the brush on the line of your eyelashes at the inside corner of your eye, then move towards the middle. Feeling nervous? Take it slowly, stop and take a deep breath and then carry on to the outside corner of your eye.

Step 2

Cat's eyes! Give yourself a feline look, a languorous gaze set off by a touch of charm with the famous comma that made eyeliner so popular. Starting at the outside corner of your eye, extend the line downwards, following the curve of the bottom fringe of eyelashes. Be careful not to pull your eyelid outwards, otherwise your line won't look smooth. Conversely, you might want to pull it upwards while applying the eyeliner to raise your gaze.

Step 3

A stylish line! Draw another slightly curved line to meet the line you drew in step 1. For this, start from the tip of the comma and draw a line to meet the line along the root of your lashes, meeting it at a point level with the centre of the iris (you're aiming to create more or less a little triangle). Next, ensure you fill in the space in between, and if necessary the space between the edge of your lashes and line, otherwise the effect will look less intense!

Step 4

Ensure a perfect finish! If you need to make any corrections, a cotton wool bud soaked with a non-oily cleanser is just the job.

This will transform your eyes, making them look longer and giving your gaze a profound sensuality. Add flaming red lipstick for a femme fatale look, and all eyes will be on you!

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