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Precious Flowers display
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This matching set of sensual, pearly pinks and purples creates a gentle effect of autumn colours.

191181 I-Lak - Intense Petal

191182 I-Lak - Bloom Bouquet

191183 I-Lak - Flower Bomb

182106 1-Lak - Lovely Flower

182107 1-Lak -Roses Pearl

182108 1-Lak -Pastel Lila

Contains 6 of each I-LAK (11 ml) and 6 of each 1-LAK (5 ml) + 1 free colour chart.

Total: 18 I-LAK pieces and 18 1-LAK pieces

Dimensions: 30 cm x 20 cm x 29 cm.

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Precious Flowers display
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