Nail art transfer foil
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Instructions for use:

- using transfer foil glue 149716

Create a design on the nail with Peggy Sage transfer foil glue and leave it to dry until the surface is only slightly tacky (2 to 3 minutes). Cut off a strip of transfer foil of the required size and apply it to the nail, pressing firmly around the edges. If necessary, use the grey end of the cuticle pusher 300216 to help you. Then pull off the foil in one movement. The decoration will stay on the nail surface. Apply a coat of top coat to fix it in place.

- using Peggy Sage foil design UV/LED gel

Use Peggy Sage foil design UV/LED gel to create a design on top of your acrylic resin or gel nail construction (shaped and degreased). Catalyze for 2 minutes under a UV lamp, or 30 seconds under an LED lamp.

To transfer the design, apply the foil to the gel while still tacky. Then pull off the foil in one movement. Apply a finishing coat, catalyze and degrease.

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Nail art transfer foil
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