I-GEL 2.0

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I-GEL 2.0

The full range:

  • 146560 Primer, 11ml bottle
  • 146561 – 146562 Clear and pink base coats, 11ml bottles
  • 146564 French manicure gel, 11ml bottle
  • 146565 – 146566 Clear and pink builder gels, 15 g
  • 146567 – 146568 Peach and pink cover-up gels
  • 146563 Top finish, 11ml bottle

The new-generation self-levelling gel for easy, fast nail sculpting! New builder gels in a 50g pot. New cover-up gels.

Because the temperature increases gradually while your client’s nails are catalyzing under the lamp, she will feel no heating sensation. This range is therefore ideal for sensitive nails. An ultra-glossy top finish that protects the manicure perfectly. Swiss-made range.Redesigned packaging. The I-GEL 2.0 range is the sure-fire way to easy nail construction. Its fluid, self-levelling texture makes shaping the nail curve really fast. Compatible with our I-LAK, 1-LAK and UV gel colours for endless nail creations. These gels are easy to work on tips, paper forms and natural nails. Medium-to-light-viscosity gels with different degrees of opacity: clear, medium and opaque. The range is compatible with both UV and LED lamps. Long-hold nail construction for up to 4 weeks. Fast and easy to remove by filing or grinding.