Dip in + Top 3
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The third step in the Peggy Sage Dip in + method

Top coat 3 is used as a finish on top of your Dip in + application and to protect your Dip in + resin manicure.

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Instructions for use



Remove any products from the nails and shape them with a Peggy Sage nail file.

Applying Dip in + French manicure acrylic resin

Fill the Dip in + container with extra-white sculpting powder 145150 and apply sculpting + nail prep to the surface of the nails, without touching the cuticles. Leave it to dry and then apply Dip in + Base 1 to the whole nail. Guide the free edge of the nail and dip it into the extra-white sculpting powder, then dip the nail into crystal acrylic resin 145156. Repeat application of the base followed by the powders. Tip: if the base dries between applications of white acrylic resin and transparent acrylic resin, add another coat of base.

Next, apply the Dip in + Activator 2. File, shape and then apply a coat of Dip in + Top 3. For an ultra-glossy finish, add a coat of gel-effect top coat 120047. Tip: regularly add a coat of top coat to revive the glossy finish.

Finish off by adding a drop of intensive care oil 120067 to the cuticles, gently massaging the area around the nail.

Clean your brushes regularly with Dip in + Brush cleaner 4.


Remove the products from the nails and file them, without touching the natural nail, and then soak them for 30 minutes in Tips off solvent 146003. You can also use nail soakers 140115. Using a manicure stick 120006, periodically remove the dissolving acrylic resin to speed up the removal process. Once all of the acrylic resin has been removed from your client’s nails she must wash her hands. Finish off by adding a drop of intensive care oil 120067 to the nails and massaging them gently.

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Dip in + Top 3
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