Base de teint Summer 2019

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Base de teint Summer 2019

The first step in your daily beauty routine!

The Peggy Sage range of make-up bases has been completely reformulated! It’s back with a vengeance for summer 2019, with more sophisticated formulas and colours suitable for every skin type and every requirement. The result? Smooth, even and brighter-looking skin. Blemishes fade away!

 The range comprises the following products:

  • Make-up base - mattifying ref. 800840: eliminates unwanted shine
  • Make-up base - invisible pores ref. 800845: reduces pore visibility thanks to its filling effect
  • Make-up base - Illuminating ref. 800850: brings out your skin’s radiance
  • Make-up base - green ref. 800855: neutralizes and evens out redness.
  • Make-up base - mauve ref. 800860: for medium to dark skin prone to yellowness and dullness
  • Make-up base - pink ref. 800865: revives fair and grey complexions
  • Make-up base - peach ref. 800870: illuminates fair skin that is lacking radiance
  • Make-up base - yellow ref. 800875: fades dark circles and purplish-coloured blemishes
  • Make-up base - caramel ref. 800880: brightens dark skin and creates a healthy glow when applied to fairer skin

Don’t forget: for best results and improved make-up hold, apply to your cleansed face after your daily skincare routine and before your make-up.

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