Duo Rouge à lèvres & crayons lèvres

Peggy Sage présente sa collection de duos rouges à lèvres & crayons lèvres. 3 nuances de rouges à lèvres ultra mat au fini vif adaptés en crayons lèvres ultra longue tenue.

Fall season

Fall Season is our stunning new collection of mellow autumn colours.

Stay matte

Peggy Sage presents its collection of 6 Stay Matte liquid lipsticks for a highly pigmented and velvety finish.

Ultra-matte nude lipsticks

Check out our 6 new colours of ultra-matte nude lipsticks The easy way to stylish results!

Long-wear lipliner pencils

Check out our new ultra-long-wear lipliner pencils A new pigment-rich covering formula with a more opaque, creamy texture.

Luminouskin foundation

An ultra-covering foundation with a melt-in texture that guarantees you an absolutely perfect, smudge-free complexion all day long.

Vinyl eyeliners

Check out our smudge-free vinyl eyeliners in colours that are opaque, plain and mellow all at the same time!

Ombres à paupières lumière