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The adhesive nail forms create a support for sculpting nail extensions without applying a tip.

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The Peggy Sage adhesive nail forms are available in different shapes and sizes and are flexible enough to fit all nail types while ensuring a perfect hold. Their material guarantees a uniform diffusion of body heat for perfectly even polymerization.

Instructions for use


Take a paper form and cut the adhesive form in the middle to obtain 2 guides. Place the disc under the paper form to make it stiffer. Bend and soften up the form, holding the guides with your thumbs on top and index fingers underneath. To apply the form, hold the client’s finger with your free fingers and slide the form under the free edge of the nail. The paper must fit on exactly the same level as the nail. Fold down the adhesive guides on the client’s finger. Holding the paper form between your thumbs, gently take away your index fingers.

Tip: the grid and numbers on the form are for reference when applying material to the paper form to ensure that the nails are at the same length and shape.

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