False eyelashes glue
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For round-shaped eyes: to « break » their shape, take a fringe of classical false eyelashes and cut it in 2 parts: this will lighten your gaze.

For almond-shaped eyes: choose a model with a thick and dense fringe to bring a mysterious charm to your gaze and underline the shape of your eyes. Shorten the inside to get an increasing length from inside to outside to accentuate the catlike look.

For small-shaped eyes: choose long but not thick false eyelashes in order to open up the gaze and underline the sparkle of the pupil.

Instructions for use


• Gently remove the false eyelashes from the backing by lifting up each edge carefully with tweezers.

• Adjust the length of the false eyelashes by holding them against your eye to determine the correct size. The false eyelashes should not extend beyond your own eyelash line at the corner of your eyes. Cut off any excess length from the outer edge of the false eyelash band, one lash after the other to ensure that the lash band is not too short.

• Hold the false eyelashes upside down and place a line of glue at the point where the eyelashes are joined together. Never apply glue directly to the eyelid.

• Place the false eyelashes directly on to the eyelid as close as possible to the roots of your own eyelashes.

• Apply eye shadow or eyeliner as usual to accentuate your eyelash line and to hide marks of glue.

• Remove them gently by pulling at one edge.




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False eyelashes glue
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