Ergonomic cuticle pusher/gouge
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Easy and comfortable to hold, for the gentle way to keep your cuticles looking their best! Stainless steel.

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Ideal for working on the cuticles during a manicure or when applying artificial nails.

Perfect for sensitive fingers thanks to its ergonomic end that is used to push back the cuticles and remove hangnails gently, without risk of injury.

Instructions for use


Apply cuticle remover to each finger. Wait for a few seconds and then push back the cuticles gently with the gouge. Sanitize before and after each use with cleanse hygienic spray, and/or disinfect.

This ergonomic cuticle pusher can also be used to remove residual material when removing an I-LAK application.

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Ergonomic cuticle pusher/gouge
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