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Pamper your skin after a dose of sun!

It is very important to look after your skin, all the more so in the summer when it is exposed to sunlight most of the time. That’s why Peggy Sage has come up with a range of after-sun skincare products to soothe and add a gloss to your skin after you’ve been out in the sun.

The products in the Summer 2020 Sparkling range:

  • sparkling body cream ref. 403370 - 50 ml
  • glitter wipes: ref. 403385
  • shimmering beautifier: ref. 405175 – 150 ml
  • soothing after-sun mask: ref. 405181

 All you have to do is choose the product you want to take care of your skin! Tell us what you think of the products in the Sparkling range on social media with @peggysageofficial and #peggysage