1-stroke flat-tipped brush, L
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Suitable for most designs (medium-sized to large).

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Bring out the artist inside you by painting on artificial nails and express your creativity with our range of 1-stroke brushes.

Instructions for use


For working on artificial nails. Always start by moistening your brush.

The liner is for adding thin or thick touches.

The tapered brushes are for adding little details for high-precision work.

The flat-tipped brushes are suitable for most designs.

The size of brush used is up to the user.

The 1-stroke and watercolour brush is ideal for fine detail and watercolour finishes.

The detail brushes are for delicate work on natural and artificial nails.

Peggy Sage brushes are suitable for the following techniques:

1-stroke: add 2 complementary colours of paint to the 2 sides of the brush then, without raising your wrist, brush with gentle circular movements always in the same direction. The colours will mix together to create gorgeous designs.

Watercolour: dilute the Paint Mania paints slightly with clean water to use this technique. Brush 141044 is the best brush for this.

Micro-painting: choose the finest Peggy Sage brushes (141040 and 141044; you can also use 141046 or 141047) to create extremely sophisticated and elaborate designs: flowers, arabesques, spirals, etc.

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1-stroke flat-tipped brush, L
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